pregnancy yoga plymouth

Pregnancy Yoga Plymouth

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing and creative experiences in a woman's life. By moving and connecting to her body, mind and spirit - and to her growing baby - yoga can help the pregnant woman feel more comfortable, relaxed and fit during pregnancy. Yoga helps us to feel more 'alive'.


Gentle yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques can help to enhance physical and mental wellbeing in the different stages of pregnancy. The stretching postures can help to relieve aches and pains and the movements can help to build strength and flexibility in the back, hips, legs and pelvis. Specific movements and postures, breathing and visualisation exercises may be helpful during labour.


Pregnancy Yoga Plymouth classes help the pregnant woman find inner balance and peace of mind. The pregnancy yoga class is also a great way of swapping ideas, sharing stories and making friends.

Gay Kent

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